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Your roof and gutters are the most the important form of protection that your home has. So looking after them, to avoid the expensive damage that could otherwise occur to your home, is important. We are the roofing contractors that provide everything you need to meet that aim. We offer an extensive range of services pertaining to both your roof and gutters. This includes professional installation, repair and replacement. This is the only way to ensure that your home doesn’t encounter major and expensive damage. So get real peace of mind and use the best roofer around to ensure that the roof of your home does its job properly.

Your home is unique, and it’s our aim that our services reflect that. You need the perfect fit for your home, no matter what it is your purchase. Your roof in no exception. That’s why we provide the vast and comprehensive range of roofing services that we do, so we can always help you find the best fit for your home. Getting the right roof for your home, or ensuring that your current one is in best shape, is important. It’s this simple aim to provide what’s right for you that make us one of the best roofing companies around. You don’t need any other “roofers near me.”


    Our Services

    With the services we offer, the choice is real simple. You can try everyone else or come to the best team that offers the best range of roofing services. We have everything to match all the needs that you have and can work with all roof types and roofing materials. Our repair and replacement services covers it all. This is along with several speciality services, including our metal roofing and roof shingles services. On top of all that, to make things even better, we can do work on auxiliary parts of your roof too, and offer a gutter service as well as being able to repair your roof vents.

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    Roof Repair

    Given the protection that your roof provides for your home, keeping it in top shape is pretty important. That’s something that we specialise in helping you with. Our professional roof repair service is the best way to repair your roof and keep things as they should be. If you have a leaking roof, we offer roof leak repair, if you have any other problem, you can be sure that we have the solution. We can even repair roof vents. This is what makes us the best “roof repair near me.”

    Roof Replacement

    When it gets to the point where the frequency and the cost of constantly repairing your roof is increasing, it might be time to consider a roof replacement instead of repair. This way, you can get that new roof that will no longer constantly let you down, and update your roof and the look of your home. This work, we know, might raise question about your new roof cost. Your roof replacement cost depends on a lot of factors. However, with our roof estimate, we can give you all the information you need upfront, including the cost.

    Metal Roofing
    Insurance Claims

    Roof Shingles

    Roof shingles can be a great option for your roof for a number of reasons. They durable and low maintenance, which makes them an incredibly cost-effective choice. This is because it does away with a lot of maintenance costs long term.  These benefits are increased even further when you opt for asphalt shingles which have the added benefit of being able to mimic the appearance other roofing materials whilst still being more durable, long lasting and lower maintenance.

    Metal Roofing

    If you want a roof that’s really designed to last, then metal roofing is the perfect option for you. With the right care, metal roofing can easily last several decades. This is a result of the real toughness of metal, which has the added benefit of keeping repair costs down long term. When you consider the number of years it will last, that’s a lot of money save. Replacement costs are also non-existent, as the metal roof will likely last the whole time you live in your home.

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    Roof Shingles


    Gutters are probably an undervalued part of any home. Water can cause damage to almost any part of your home, including your foundation, so it’s important that your home is kept as dry as possible. That’s why gutter repair and proper gutter installation are of the utmost importance, and why it’s a job that’s not just for anyone. You need the best, otherwise you could be massively out of pocket. Along with roofing, we also specialise in the repair, installation and maintenance of gutters.

    Insurance Claims

    In many cases, your roof might be covered as part of your insurance. So, if something should occur to your roof and it needs major repair or even replacement, you might need to make an insurance claim and get your insurance provider involved. This can often be a real nightmare. But don’t worry, we’re here to help. We can help process your insurance claim and make the whole process easy, starting with our roof inspection to assess the damage done. We are the “roofing contractors near me” that makes things all that easier

    “When we needed to make an insurance claim, they made everything so easy. It was great.” John. P

    “They know how to get real results. Our new roof is brilliant.” Dean. D

    “With everything they offer, and how professional they are, I would really recommend Ashburn Roofing Contractors.” Jody. L

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    With the range that our services cover, including repair, replacement and installation, as well as the range of roof types that we can work with, including metal roofing and roof shingles, everything you need when it comes to roofing is right here. There’s nothing you need that we don’t have. So call us now. All our contact information can be easily located on our website. So there’s no excuse for not getting in touch with the very best roofing contractor.